Investment Decisions
For your benefit

W&M portfolio management services are offered solely on a discretionary basis. That means investment decisions are made in your behalf and for your benefit.

After our initial discussions and suitability review, the next step may be a preliminary engagement letter. It may be followed by additional discussions to arrive at a mutually satisfactory investment policy and guidelines statement. Following that, a management contract may be signed.

Dependent upon the portfolio structure and its operational requirements, fees begin at one percent (1%) of assets under our management paid quarterly in advance. Fees for separate large portfolios may be negotiated. Buy/sell transaction charges are billed to accounts. SEC and FINRA required fees, printed document copies, and taxes are paid by the investor.

Monthly statements and account information will be available to you online. In addition, we periodically communicate by email our opinions about the financial markets and the economy.

Most clients are individuals with taxable portfolios, IRA Rollovers, or tax deferred retirement accounts of various types. Aggregate client assets accepted for portfolio management begin at $250 thousand.

Services such as tax advice and estate planning are the bailiwick of other experts. Please consult your CPA and attorney. We do what we do best, offer opportunities to limit overall portfolio losses and endeavor to achieve postive returns in all market conditions.

To us investment success is not a return relative to an index. Measure us by the Absolute Return of your portfolio. After withdrawals and expenses, you either have more money today than in the past or you do not.


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Past performance is not indicative of future returns.
There are no guarantees of success. You may gain or lose money.