Wheeler & Mote Alliances
Independent decision making

Wheeler & Mote is owned by its principal. There is no cross ownership with any of our alliance partners. Decision making is independent and objective.

Trading is through Syndicated Capital, Inc. (SynCap), a broker/dealer headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. SynCap has stockholders in common with Pacific Income Advisors Inc., (PIA) a firm with $4 billion in fixed income assets under management.

Alliances enable W&M access to the compliance resources and the Wall Street trading professionals of SynCap, the advanced analytical capabilities of PIA, and the custodian and record keeping services of Pershing, LLC, an affiliate of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.


Securities offered through Syndicated Capital, Inc.
1299 Ocean Avenue, Suite 210
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Member FINRA and SIPC
Past performance is not indicative of future returns.
There are no guarantees of success. You may gain or lose money.